Loyce Wood Sage Interview Transcript June 28, 1985 Tape 3

AR.00027 Traditional Quilt Makers in New Mexico Survey

On June 28, 1985 Jeannette Lasansky interviewed quilter Loyce Wood Sage. The interview was transcribed into typescript circa 1985-6, and the transcript was digitized May 23, 2017.

Loyce Wood was born November 7, 1919, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her family was of Scotch-Irish descent. She completed high school. She was married to R H Sage May 18, 1937, in Socorro, New Mexico, but they divorced in about 1950. In 1985 she reported that she was retired from "the telephone company."

Loyce Wood Sage made quilts "from necessity" [underlining hers]. She used scrap, traded, and recycled fabrics, including dressmaker's cuttings, feed sacks, flour sacks, sugar sacks, and tobacco sacks. She gathered patterns from family and friends, newspapers, magazines, and batting wrappers. She didn't buy her battings, though. At one time, she carded up an entire mattress to make her own batting, and got at least 30 batts out of it. At the time of the 1985 survey, she had given all her quilts away.

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